Are there any other costs apart from the course purchase price?
Yes, as with pretty much any website you will need to register a domain name and pay for website hosting – we guide your through this and show you where to get a great deal!
Which platform will the site be built on?
The platform is self hosted WordPress – the most widely used CMS system in the world and used by massive companies as well as small businesses and bloggers.
How long will it take for me to build a website?
Obviously this depends on you but realistically if you had all your content prepared you could have a fabulous, professional website in days or even hours!
How does it compare to Squarespace and Wix?
In my honest opinion you will find our page builder easier, much easier to use than any other platform.
When you say feature rich - what does this mean?
Our page builder has a huge array of amazing features built in – see the demo here – – and for any feature that we don’t have, there are over 50,000 plugins available so you can be certain to find what your are looking for!

Will the site I build include ecommerce like the demo?
There are fully featured plugins available for  ecommerce for you to sell products online but this course does not include ecommerce Рa future course will be available to show you how to integrate ecommerce into your site Рand yes the theme is ecommerce ready as you can see in the demo.