What is a Shortcode?

An overview.

There are lots of shortcuts with WordPress that can save you a heap of time and frustration and shortcodes are one of them.

A shortcode is basically a bunch of code condensed into a small set of tags that you ad to your page or wrap around your content to make it graphically attractive.

[shortcode] My content [/shortcode]

For instance: instead of writing all of the code for a button and applying that code to where you wanted your button – you can create the button by simply using some shortcode tags as shown below:

which will display as:


There are lots of types of shortcodesand Chameleon comes with an array that will help you spruce up your pages so they look great as shown below!

  • Columns
  • Icons
  • Buttons
  • Alerts

  • Quotes
  • Lists
  • Videos
  • Toggles

  • Prices
  • Maps
  • Popups
  • Dividers

I used shortcodes to get the above list to be in three columns and have a green tick!

For a full list and to see what each shortcode looks like see the demo:

See Shortcodes on the Chameleon demo site

Make sense?? Don’t worry, it will all become clear in the next Unit. :)

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