Image Galleries

Build it with the Page Builder

The Page Builder allows you to add Galleries to your page.

A comprehensive Gallery can make a website look amazing.

There are three different ways of displaying your Gallery in Chameleon – each image has a pop up to 1600px wide (or wider depending on how wide the browser is).
Check out the Gallery types here!

  • To add a Gallery go to Pages > add new or edit an existing page.
  • For a new page, Select the Page Template > Page Builder.
  • Give the page a title then click Add Section and select Gallery.
  • Click Show Heading if you wish to give the Gallery a title.
  • Select the type of gallery:
  • Standard: Each image should be the same size and proportion and is displayed in 3 equal columns.
  • Google style: the image height will remain the same as each other but the width will vary.
  • Masonry: the images widths will remain the same as each other but the height will vary.
  • Click the Add to Gallery button to select your gallery images – select the required images.
  • You may now reorder the sequence if you wish by using the Bulk Actions dropdown or simply dragging the images into your preferred order.
  • Click the show more button to create a button link to another Gallery or Page.

From here you can add more Page Builder sections to build your page and keep on adding until your page is complete!

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