Content Feeds (post type feeds)

Build it with the Page Builder

The Page Builder allows you to add a section called Content Feeds to your page.

Content Feeds are used for displaying a list of your Blog posts or Projects in a pictorial format (therefore you must have content in either or both for this to work).

  • To add a content feed to your page go to Pages > add new or edit an existing page.
  • For a new page, Select the Page Template > Page Builder.
  • Give the page a title then click Add Section and select Feed.
  • Click Show Heading if you wish to give the Feed a title.
  • Select how many Posts or Projects you wish to show on the feed overview page.
  • Select whether this Feed is for your Blog Posts or Projects and then select one or more categories you wish to show.
  • You can have multiple instances of the Feed so you can separaye your feed overview sections if you wish.

From here you can add more Page Builder sections to build your page and keep on adding until your page is complete!

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