Assign the Home Page

and Blog Overview Page

Wordpress does not automatically know which page you want to be to the homepage so we need to set this.

The home page is the first page a visitor is shown when they come to your site – it is also automatically linked to when you click your logo.

First we will create a basic home page.

  • Go to Pages > Add New and in the title type Home
  • Click Publish
  • Now add another page and call it Blog (you can change this name later if you want to)
  • Click Publish
  • Now go to Settings > Reading
  • Under ‘Your homepage displays’ select ‘A static page’ – this means that your homepage will be a static page not a blog post overview page.
  • Just below that set the dropdown for Homepage to the page you called ‘Home’.
  • Set the dropdown for Posts page to the page you called ‘Blog’. This tells WordPress to put an overview or list of all of your blogposts on this page.
  • !Important You can also set here the maximum number of posts to show on one page.

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