Change your username

What’s in a username?

Similar to the wp-admin at the back of your URL – the username Admin is the default and needs to be changed to make it harder for hackers. As usernames cannot be changed we need to create another user with a better more unique username – try not to use the name of your site.

  • Go to Users
  • Select Add New
  • Enter your details – you’ll need to enter a different email address as you can’t have two users with the same email – you can make one up and change it after if you don’t have another – just make sure you have an accurate copy of your login details!
  • Make sure you Select Administrator as the User Role
  • After you have created your new Userlogout then login as the new User and delete the old User (the one with the username ‘Admin’) – now you can update your email with the correct one!

Ok – a couple more tips for keeping your site secure is on a regular basis to make sure of the following:

  • Update WordPress to the latest version
  • Update your plugins to the latest versions
  • Delete unused inactive plugins

So … nothing in this day and age is guaranteed but you now have a very secure site that is much harder to hack than it was!

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