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Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 What you will learn and what you need
Module 2 Website basics - how do they work?
Unit 1 Understanding Domain Names
Unit 2 Understanding Hosting  - Preview
Unit 3 Registering your Domain Name & Buying Hosting
Unit 4 Domain Name Delegation
Unit 5 Building your website
Unit 6 Before you begin
Unit 7 Planning your Website and Preparing your Content
Module 3 Installing WordPress and the Chameleon theme
Unit 1 Installing WordPress
Unit 2 Installing the Chameleon theme
Unit 3 The Theme Settings
Unit 4 Basic WordPress Settings
Unit 5 Assign a Page to be the Home Page and Blog Overview Page
Unit 6 How to hide your site from others before you go live
Module 4 Creating your homepage - the fun bit! Using the Page Builder
Unit 1 The WordPress Text Area
Unit 2 Page Builder Overview
Unit 3 Creating a Simple Home Page using the Page Builder
Unit 4 Page Builder - Page Heading
Unit 5 Page Builder - Text Area
Unit 6 Page Builder - Slideshows
Unit 7 Page Builder - Promo Boxes
Unit 8 Page Builder - Featured Text
Unit 9 Page Builder - Testimonials
Unit 10 Page Builder - Content Feed
Unit 11 Page Builder - Image Galleries
Unit 12 Page Builder - Parallax
Unit 13 Page Builder - Call to Action
Module 5 Shortcodes
Unit 1 What are Shortcodes?
Unit 2 How to use Chameleon shortcodes
Module 6 The Customizer
Unit 1 Use the customizer to set your website styles
Module 7 Adding pages
Unit 1 Creating a parent page
Unit 2 Adding a Contact Form
Module 8 Setting up Projects and Blog Posts
Unit 1 How to add a blog post and set up categories
Unit 2 Projects
Module 9 Your Menus - how to customize them
Unit 1 Organizing your menus with custom menus
Module 10 Widgets
Unit 1 Using Widgets for your blog sidebar
Unit 2 Using Widgets to Create your Footer
Module 11 Going Live!
There are no units in this module.
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